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      School And Daycare Cleaning Essential Checklist By Best Cleaning DMVA

      Schools and Daycares are usually regarded as the epicentre of learning. So many kids spend a huge amount of time of their lives in schools and daycares trying to grasp a thing or two. Being a place of learning means that there should be things in place to facilitate learning. One of the things is cleanliness. Every inch of the school and daycare should be sparkling clean. Not only is this integral in the learning process, but it also prevents diseases.

      We all know that the cleaning process can be a bit tricky and confusing. That is why we have prepared a school and daycare cleaning checklist to help you.

      School And Daycare Cleaning Essential Checklist By Best Cleaning DMVA

      Disinfect Desks and Shared Surfaces

      During the kid’s time in school and daycare, a huge chunk of their time is spent in the classroom. This is because those are the areas where they get to listen to their teachers and learn. That is why it is regarded as one of the dirtiest areas in the school. Therefore, you should make sure that your cleaning schedule incorporates cleaning desks.

      In classrooms that have minimal desks like laboratories, students mostly use countertops. The same cleaning procedure should be applied to such tops. Use soap and water and scrub the surfaces thoroughly. Thereafter you can use a disinfecting spray to clear it up.

      Shelves and Cupboards should be Dusted and Cleaned

      In most schools and daycares, you would find shelves that are used to store frequently used books. When cleaning, make sure you make frequent visits to the library with a dusting cloth. With this, you will remove any dust and loosely hanging dirt that may be present on the shelves. You may also find lockable cupboards.

      The rare reference items are usually stored in such cupboards. These should also be dusted appropriately. Before doing so, however, you might need to talk to the librarian. This is because such cupboards are normally closed unless there is a need to open them. The librarian will then open it for you to clean and close it once you are done.

      Dusting is something you do twice or thrice in a week, but thorough cleaning should also be done. You can do this at least once or twice a month. You can consult the librarian on the days he/she closes the library. This will give you ample time to take down the books and clean the shelves. The task might be a bit challenging, especially in a large library. You can handle the task with two or three more people.

      Vacuum Carpets

      Carpets are known to be a catch for dirt. In fact, they can even hold four times their weight in dirt. For a place where there are kids, this can be very dangerous.

      That is why vacuuming is critical to the cleanliness of a school or daycare. Make sure that you run the vacuum cleaner vertically at least three times. Doing so ensures that even the deep-seated dirt particles are drawn out and disposed of in the device’s bag.

      Before vacuuming, you should ensure that all windows are open for the free circulation of air.

      Wipe and Disinfect Door Knobs

      Although many people may not know this, doorknobs are one of the dirtiest areas in a school. This is because they are the most frequent touchpoints.

      This means that almost everybody comes into contact with them. So how is this hazardous? If one person gas a bacteria on his /her skin, and touches the knob, almost everyone else who touches it will get it.

      One of the most common bacteria found on the skin is Staphylococcus. Many species of Staphylococcus survive on dry surfaces. That is what enables their transfer through doorknobs and other surfaces. Some of these species are known to cause food poisoning.

      It is because of all of this that you should clean various doorknobs frequently. Doing so clears away any bacteria on the knobs.

      Wiping is not all that should be done. You should also disinfect such areas. You can pre-packaged wipes to disinfect doorknobs. You can use a disinfectant spray and dry towel to disinfect such areas.


      School and Daycare cleaning requires you to have proper knowledge of how things are done. One thing that will help you is a checklist.

      Your checklist should include wiping and disinfecting doorknobs and desks. It should also not miss vacuuming carpets and cleaning bookshelves.

      If you do not want to do all this, you can contact Best Cleaning DMVA for school and daycare cleaning in Burke.

      We can handle all your cleaning, and rubbish removal needs exactly how you want it.