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      House guests are rare these days, and a lot of people have paused their professional services to prevent the spread of germs. However, for some, it is not feasible to go long periods without professional house cleaners.

      Busy schedules, limited cleaning supplies, and growing safety concerns have caused many to seek professional cleaning services during the COVID-19 pandemic or restart their previous cleaning services.

      But is it possible to hire professional house cleaners in Burke and keep your house safe during the pandemic? If done properly, you can safely have professional house cleaners in your home on a regular basis.

      However, this will require some effort from both you and your cleaning service in Burke to ensure everyone is as safe as possible. Keep reading to learn how to safely hire professional house cleaners during COVID-19.

      Cleaners should wear protective gear

      Professional house cleaners in Burke should wear masks and gloves every time they enter your home. They should change their gloves often while cleaning to prevent the spread of germs. If you have specific requirements for the protective gear your cleaners wear, be sure to communicate this ahead of time.

      If you are in the home while the team is cleaning, you should also wear protective gear. Masks and gloves protect both you and the professional cleaners, helping everyone feel more safe and comfortable. It is also a good idea to provide extra masks, gloves, and paper towels when professional cleaners come to your house.

      They will likely bring their own supplies, but it never hurts to be prepared!

      Limit how long cleaners are in your home

      If you want to continue your professional home cleaning services in Burke during COVID-19 but are concerned about safety, you can try to limit the amount of time cleaners spend in your home. Consider reducing the frequency of cleaning sessions to only what is absolutely necessary.

      If you hired professional house cleaners every week, try every other week or once a month during this time.

      You can also give your professional house cleaners a time limit for cleaning your home. Ask them to do the most impactful cleaning tasks during a few hours to reduce how long they spend in your house. Tasks like window cleaning or unused rooms may not be as important.

      Communicate your time limit as soon as possible, so your cleaners can determine which tasks are the highest priority.

      Clearing clutter before your professional house cleaners arrive can reduce the amount of time they need to clean. Getting products out of the shower or off the counter can save precious minutes better spent disinfecting your home. Be sure to ask your cleaners not to come if they are sick.

      You should also reschedule cleaning services if you or another member of the household are sick.

      Maintain social distancing

      The typical protocol is to leave the house when professional house cleaners come. However, that may not be possible during COVID-19. If you do not have a safe place to go while your cleaners are at work, it is important to maintain social distancing.

      Try to find a separate room or outdoor space that you can spend time in until the cleaners are finished.

      It is also important to reduce the amount of chitchat during cleaning sessions. You may be very friendly with your professional house cleaners and socialize every time they are at your house. Unfortunately, COVID-19 can be transferred in the air, and talking increases the risk of spreading germs.

      Ask your professional cleaners the right questions

      You should never make assumptions when it comes to professional house cleaning services in Burke. If there is something specific you prefer, communicate your expectations early on. Each cleaning service and company has a different way of doing things.

      Asking the right questions before booking a cleaning service can ensure your safety and satisfaction.

      • Who will be in your home?
      • How many people will be in your home?
      • Is the cleaning service aware of the latest COVID-19 safety and cleaning guidelines?
      • What is included with each cleaning package?
      • What products are being used? Are they part of the EPA’s list of COVID-19 disinfectants?
      • Are new cleaning cloths and products being used with each client?
      • Are contactless payment options available?
      • Is the cleaning service taking extra steps to protect their clients and themselves?
      • Does the cleaning service conduct temperature checks or check for symptoms before starting a job?

      Your professional house cleaners should understand your unique needs and deliver on expectations with each cleaning session.

      At Best Cleaning DMVA in Burke, we consider each client as a friend and neighbor. Our staff is held to the highest standard for safety to protect you and your loved ones.

      Contact us today to learn how we keep you safe during COVID-19 while providing top-notch professional house cleaning services.