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      As an employer, you benefit from keeping up employee morale and wellbeing. While most leaders realize that happy employees are more productive, research actually backs this up. However, it hasn’t been the easiest year for a lot of businesses.

      Employees in all industries report feeling more stressed than ever before. Many are worried about COVID-19 and all that goes with it: changes with their kids’ schooling, fear of losing their jobs, and keeping themselves and their families healthy and safe.

      If you manage any type of business, you can actually improve employee morale by hiring a professional commercial cleaning service. What does cleaning have to do with morale? A lot, actually.

      Why a Clean Business Environment Matters for Employees

      It’s easy to take for granted that cleanliness matters, but there are several specific ways that it impacts employee morale.

      They Feel Safer

      By creating a sense of safety, you allow employees to focus and gain a sense of accomplishment from their work. They will feel more comfortable coming to work each day when they’re not distracted by worrying about safety.

      They See That You Care About Their Wellbeing

      Employees want to know that their employer sees them as human. They want to be part of a culture that values and cares about them, and when you take steps to prevent them from getting sick, you demonstrate that kind of culture.

      They are Less Likely to Miss Work Due to Illness

      With fewer germs around, employees are less likely to contract a contagious illness while at work. Even a cold can sweep through a team and cause multiple people to miss work. Someone contracting COVID-19 could create an even more serious situation, possibly even forcing your business to temporarily close.

      Four Steps to Cultivate a Cleaner, Happier Work Environment

      Here is how you can get started today toward a cleaner business.

      1. Outsource Your Cleaning to the Professionals

      Not everyone realizes it, but cleaning and sanitizing require specialized knowledge of protocols, products and techniques. Cleaning improperly can fail to kill potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, spread them around or even send them airborne.

      While it’s a great idea to equip employees with access to day-to-day products like hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes, you should not expect them to fully clean their own work environment. Not only are they not trained, but they have other important work to do, and probably prefer not to clean.

      2. Hire an Experienced and Reputable Commercial Cleaning Service

      Because proper cleaning requires adequate training, you cannot assume all cleaning companies are equal. You need a commercial cleaning service who you can trust to do the job correctly. Before signing a contract with a cleaning company, ask the right questions.

      Ask about their cleaning system, the products they use, their experience and the frequency of cleaning they recommend for your business. If they’re a commercial cleaning franchise, take a look at the reputation of the franchisor as well.

      3. Understand the Recommendations From the CDC

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides cleaning recommendations in the interest of public health. They have updated and widely publicized these recommendations due to COVID-19.

      They describe how to clean and what products to use to effectively kill germs including those that cause colds, flu and coronaviruses. It’s important to understand what the CDC advises for businesses, along with the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and why you need both.

      4. Check in With Your Employees

      Experts advise checking in with your employees regularly to learn how they’re feeling and to watch for signs of high stress. Let them know about the things you’re doing in the interest of their health and safety. When you show them that you have done your research on the correct cleaning methods and enlisted professionals, they will see that you care.

      Trust Best Cleaning DMVA to Clean Your Business

      Boosting employee morale is just one of the benefits of outsourcing your commercial cleaning service to a reputable company. Your business will also look better to visitors and customers and your assets will last longer.

      Best Cleaning DMVA has been in business for many years and we train our cleaners following CDC and AORN guidelines. They can help you in your commitment to minimize the spread of germs, in the interest of happy, healthy employees.