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      Keeping your house clean while you’re busy working and taking care of a family can be a challenge. When you are with your partner or your children, you want to be able to make quality time, not be working or cleaning in every free moment.

      It can seem like you’re always cleaning, and never catching up, especially if cleaning and other domestic chores have never been your strong suit. Here at Best Cleaning DMVA in Burke, cleaning is our specialty.

      We have some tips to help you develop a weekly cleaning schedule you’ll not only love, but actually use.

      The House That Cleans Itself

      Wouldn’t that be nice? To have a house that cleans itself? While not technically possible, there are two ways you can approximate the self-cleaning house: hire a Burke cleaning service, and follow a weekly cleaning schedule.

      The weekly schedule breaks up the formidable task of cleaning the entire house into many smaller tasks and spreads them out over each day of the week.

      By doing this, you have specific, designated tasks to tackle every day, and the work feels both manageable and controllable.

      Good Enough for DIY

      Since you do the same tasks on the same day every week (or even more often for some chores), the pressure is off for making it perfect. Anything you miss quality-wise you can hit the following week. Since not much time has passed, there isn’t a chance for it to get too dirty or to feel too overwhelming. Just get the task done.

      A Good Plan is a Plan You’ll Use

      Make sure your weekly cleaning schedule makes good use of your time. Lump similar tasks together, and hit one area of the home at a time. A typical weekly cleaning schedule usually designates daily tasks, to do every single day.

      It establishes a room or zone of your house to clean each day. It also gives you a catch-up day and a rest day, so you don’t feel like you’re cleaning all the time. Here is a sample we like:

      Daily Tasks

      • Making beds
      • Washing and putting away dishes
      • Wiping down countertops, stove, and kitchen table.
      • Taking out the trash (including scooping litter box if you have a cat)
      • Wiping down bathroom sink and counters
      • Picking up toys (if you have kids)
      • Laundry (depending on the size of your family, one load per day will keep it from piling up)

      Monday – Kitchen day

      Monday makes a good day for kitchen day because you might have done more cooking over the weekend to prep for the week. Or maybe you took Saturday or Sunday as your self-care days and the kitchen needs some extra love.

      Even though you’ve been doing the dishes and wiping down your stove and countertops every day, there’s more to the kitchen than these items.

      On kitchen day, common cleaning tasks are:

      • Sweep/vacuum and mop the floor
      • Wipe out the microwave
      • Wipe down the baseboards, cabinets, and stove hood
      • Dust
      • Check fridge for hidden expired gems that got pushed to the back and wipe down shelves

      Tuesday – Bedrooms!

      • Declutter and put away any stray clothes
      • Wash the bedding
      • Dust
      • Wipe down ceiling fans and baseboards
      • Vacuum
      • Straighten your closet and/or drawers (or choose one)

      Wednesday – Bathroom(s)!

      • Clean counters, sinks, mirrors
      • Wipe down shower and tub
      • Wash toilet
      • Vacuum and mop floors
      • Wash towels and bathmats
      • Wipe down baseboards

      Thursday – Living Room (and Den)

      • Dust and polish
      • De-clutter surfaces
      • Straighten and organize shelves
      • Vacuum/sweep/mop
      • Vacuum under/between cushions (monthly)
      • Wipe down baseboards, ceiling fan blades, and window sills

      Friday – Other rooms

      If you have a laundry room, mudroom, rec room, study, etc., today is the day to tackle those.

      • Dust
      • Vacuum/sweep/mop
      • Wipe down baseboards, ceiling fan blades, and window sills
      • Wipe down washer and dryer
      • Water plants

      Saturday – Outside, Vehicles, Catch-Up

      • Sweep patio or porch
      • Weeding, mowing, pet lawn maintenance
      • De-cluttering and vacuuming your car
      • Sweeping the garage
      • Anything you missed during the week

      Sunday – Self-Care Day

      • Bubble bath
      • Nap
      • A good book
      • Binge a TV series
      • Put your feet up
      • Congratulate yourself for a job well done!

      There’s an App for That!

      In today’s tech-connected world, enterprising folks have created apps to help us keep track of our routines and goals. Cleaning is no exception, and there are several cool house cleaning schedule apps to help incentivize you to stay on top of your weekly cleaning schedule.

      Here are a few we have found to help!

      Home Routines (iOs only)

      This customizable app lets you create “focus zones” to schedule what to complete and when. You can set tasks as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally). There is a built-in timer to motivate you to work efficiently!

      Clean My House (Android only)

      This app gives you 292 cleaning tasks to select and categorize and schedule on a daily or weekly basis. The best part is that it sends notifications to remind you to get your cleaning jobs done. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases. You can upgrade to a more robust version for a fee.

      Our Home (iOS and Android)

      Cleaning is not the job of any single person in a family home. Our Home allows you to assign multiple users cleaning tasks, send them messages and reminders, and uses a gamified point system to encourage competition between family members for completing cleaning chores more quickly and thoroughly.

      The app also allows everyone to contribute to a shared grocery list. It’s free in the Apple and Google Play stores.

      Set Up a Weekly Cleaning Schedule By the Pros

      If you’d prefer, you can schedule a weekly cleaning appointment with a professional cleaning service, such as Best Cleaning DMVA in Burke.

      Our team will come to your home and handle your weekly cleaning tasks in one session. You will come home to a fresh-smelling and clean house.

      Call for a FREE estimate to see if our services are worth the time it would take you to clean yourself. With a weekly cleaning schedule by a maid service, every day can be self-care day.

      At least after all your parenting and work responsibilities are finished, of course. We can’t help with those, sadly, but we can give you peace of mind that your cleaning will be accomplished thoroughly and regularly.

      We can give you one less thing to worry about.