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      Office Cleaning In Burke

      How does your professional space scrub up? Does your Burke office create a shining first impression which conveys your professionalism and company pride?

      Or can clients, contacts and colleagues see overlooked dirt, dust, mess and clutter which reflect badly on your business?

      It’s not easy to stay on top of office cleaning in Burke, especially with a business to run every single day.

      When we inhabit spaces, it’s only too easy to forget hidden corners, overlook everyday clutter and ignore worsening mess.

      We become acclimatised to our surroundings very easily, which means it’s only too common to slip into a rut, with a less-than-pristine office which doesn’t reflect as well upon you and your business as you might like it to.

      As a long-established professional commercial cleaning company in Burke, we see this type of “dirt blindness” happening all the time.

      The very best way to address the issue, find out how clean your office really is and start presenting a more professional face to your visitors is to look at your space with fresh eyes.

      If you’re not quite ready to invite commercial cleaning company in Burke to take a fresh look, why not try running through our helpful checklist, observing each individual aspect closely and critically?

      Address each item of this office cleaning in turn, then draw up an office cleaning in Burke rota to make sure you stay on top of each aspect over the long term.

      1) Are corners and ceilings cobweb free?

      Cobwebs can be especially difficult to spot when you’re in the same area each day. Make the effort to check all the way around the circumference of each room’s ceiling to ensure that your space isn’t cobwebby.

      Pay extra attention to corners to ensure that your office doesn’t accumulate spiderwebs, which can really affect the overall look and feel of an office.

      2) How dusty is your equipment?

      office cleaning in burke

      Computer equipment can get very dusty very quickly. From screens, keyboards and towers, to printers and scanners, take a close look and have a regular dust to ensure a clean, fresh look that doesn’t trigger anyone’s allergies.

      3) How clean are your skirting boards?

      Another easily overlooked aspect of office cleanliness is a room’s skirting boards.

      With heavy footfall from colleagues and visitors, skirting boards can attract dust and dirt quickly, lowering the standard of your space. Pay attention and wipe regularly to look the part.

      4) Can you see fingerprints on glass surfaces?

      There’s no excuse for greasy fingerprints. Windows should be clean and clear – both inside and out.

      5) What is the state of your carpet?

      Regular footfall means office carpets need regular hoovering to look good.

      How often do your carpets reach a point where they are covered in scraps and dirt?

      Work out how many times you need to hoover weekly to maintain a good standard and stick to that rota.

      6) How does the office smell?

      office cleaning in burke

      Scent is one of our most sensitive senses and can really affect the judgements that people make and the memories that they form.

      Ensuring that your Burke office smells good – even after your staff have finished lunch – is important.

      From air fresheners and flowers, to banning certain lunch items, find a system which works for your office.

      7) How clean is your kitchen equipment?

      Microwaves, kettles, toasters, dishwashers… While your clients may never see this aspect of your office, your staff will – and a dirty kitchen can mean low morale.

      From cleaning out the microwave of spatters and splatters, to ensuring toaster crumbs are cleared up, work with your staff or a commercial cleaning company in Burke to keep your kitchen clean.

      8) Are bins frequently overflowing?

      Whether it’s for recycling or general waste, an overflowing bin is a sign of a chaotic workplace. Keep on top of emptying bins to ensure that your office space look professional and well-organised.

      9) Are doorhandles clean?

      Door handles are frequently used in the office – but rarely cleaned. Often-forgotten-about handles can attract lots of grime and grease, which will reflect badly on your company when visitors open doors.

      Give the handles a good wash every couple of months to avoid the issue.

      10) Are table and desk surfaces clean?

      commercial cleaning company in burke

      Whether you’re having a meeting or working alone, there’s no excuse for a dusty or coffee-stained desk or tabletop.

      Inspect your surfaces regularly to ensure that they’re clean and free of dust and stickiness, which could reduce morale and fail to impress clients.

      Make sure that visitors to your business get a good first impression with help from Best Cleaning DMVA.

      From one-off deep cleans, to regular custom rotas, we offer outstanding office cleaning services to businesses across Burke and sorrounding areas.