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      Burke Commercial Cleaning

      In January 2021, a Gallup poll found that 56% of American workers were working from home. As the need for physical office space changes and the labor pool fluctuates, many businesses are re-valuating their need for a corporate cleaning solution: do they outsource commercial cleaning responsibilities, hire a cleaner in-house, or try a mix of both?

      There are benefits for each option, depending on your business’s need; some offices may need a routine clean while others function well with supplemental services to help fill the gaps in coverage. Above all, you want to keep your employees safe, comfortable, and healthy – and knowing the upsides to each approach will help you select the best option for your business.

      Here are three things to look for when choosing a Burke commercial cleaning service to perform your company’s office cleaning.

      1. A variety of cleaning solutions and packages

      A good Burke commercial cleaning service knows that no two buildings are the same. A customizable solution is crucial when a business is balancing factors such as remote workers, changing office hours, and fluctuating head counts. A seasoned professional cleaning company should provide a variety of solutions, based on industry experience, that will allow you to build a package tailor-made to your unique needs and budget.

      2. A cleaning team with diverse skills

      A clean workspace is a necessity in employee retention and boosts employee morale. When hiring a professional Burke commercial cleaning service, you can benefit from a team of diverse service providers who are experts in delivering best applied practices in virtually any facility scenario.

      Looking for recommendations on maintaining your VCT or polished concrete floor? Have questions about sanitizing versus disinfecting? You have a trusted, experienced team in your corner with Best Cleaning DMVA in Burke.

      3. An industry leader with expert knowledge

      Not only do you immediately benefit from the skillset of an experienced Burke commercial cleaning company; hiring the experts allows you to expand your knowledge-base on proven cleaning practices. If you opt for a hybrid/supplemental cleaning program, where you may have your own on-staff employee during the day and a contracted service team at night, you really do get the best of both worlds.

      Internally, your business may have been only cleaning things one way; by outsourcing to a professional Burke cleaning service, you can learn new ways to effectively maintain your facility long-term.

      Bonus: Green flags when considering a Burke commercial cleaning service:

      I. They aren’t the lowest-priced option.

      An experienced cleaning service will be priced competitively but won’t offer their services at slashed rates. A sign that a company isn’t interested in client longevity is when services are priced to win accounts, rather than maintain them. A truly reputable company will be fair about what they charge and deliver a high-quality product, both at the beginning of the client relationship and again years down the line.

      II. They understand right-sizing.

      Right-sizing occurs when a cleaning company can accurately estimate the time it takes for them to complete a task, instead of guessing a round number and filling the extra time with busy work. For example: just because a client has an on-staff employee working a 40-hour a week, it doesn’t mean that person is doing 40 hours of productive work. A contracted trained professional follows industry standards and utilizes time efficiently to provide cost-effective results.

      III. They are responsive and accountable.

      At the end of the day, good Burke commercial cleaning service providers are eager to engage with their customers, whether it’s to reconcile a complaint or receive positive or negative feedback. When searching for a cleaning solution, ask yourself: are they accountable? If an error or miscommunication occurs, are they committed to finding a resolution?

      A company with years of history and great customer reviews signals a dedication to customer relationships and integrous, trustworthy work.

      Best Cleaning DMVA in Burke customizes janitorial cleaning services that meet your facility’s cleaning requirements.

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