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      Dental Office Janitorial Services In Buke

      Outsourced dental office janitorial services will help your dental office attract new clients while improving the overall health of your employees and protecting your patients.

      Dental offices have several key cleaning challenge points that affect their repeat business and profitability.

      • Bathroom cleanliness.
      • High-contact surface disinfection.
      • Cross contamination avoidance.

      Dental offices are very stressful for some people, and a stressed out patient is a problem.

      According to Dental Economics:

      …a stressed-out patient causes stress in the practice. They are harder to numb, less likely to accept treatment recommendations, and more likely to resent paying the fees.

      The number one, on-site stressor?

      Clutter and elack of cleanliness.

      Clutter causes patients to wonder how organized their care will be and how clean your treatment rooms and instruments are.

      –De-stress your patients and your practice

      Dental office managers can alleviate a significant amount of worry that can lead to the loss of repeat business by maintaining a clean and inviting environment.

      Bathroom Cleanliness

      Bathroom cleanliness should be a key focal point for any dental practice.

      According to a survey conducted by Cintas Corporation, 77% of those surveyed stated they would avoid repeat business to a healthcare facility if they encountered a dirty restroom.

      An ideal outsourced restroom cleaning plan should consist of:

      • Daily, top to bottom sterilization.
      • Restroom supply inventory purchasing and management.
      • Eliminating scented air fresheners, deodorizers, and similar products in favor of clean ventilated air.
      • Adoption of microfiber mops and towels to reduce water consumption and eliminate the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.
      • Placing floor mats at the restroom entrance to reduce cross-contamination of bacteria from the bathroom floor to patient areas.

      High-Contact Surface Disinfection

      While not as common as other healthcare professions, the spread of virus’ and other bacteria in a dental office is possible.

      The human mouth is home to a significant number of micro-organisms, several of which can be life-threatening if allowed to spread to another person.

      The National Institutes of Health determined that, while the risk was relatively small in most instances, it was possible for viruses to pread from patient to patient through high-contact surfaces and dental tools.

      • HIV, and;
      • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) A, B, and C;

      While the risk of infection is believed to be low, as noted, a significant level of research is lacking on the topic.

      An ideal high-contact surface cleaning regimen

      • Use EPA and Green Seal approved disinfectant wipes for light switches and doorknobs throughout the day, as needed, especially during cold and flu season.
      • Use disposable tools and water tubes (a significant host for bacteria), or switch out between patients.
      • Disinfect all patient contact surfaces between patients.
      • Advise office staff and dental assistants to wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap per regulatory guidelines.
      • Don’t neglect high-contact surfaces on the business side, such as computers, phones, water coolers, and break room amenities and furniture.

      AVOIDING Cross Contamination

      Cross contamination in dental practices can occur in several areas.

      • Dirt and other bacteria are tracked throughout the building by patient and staff.
      • Virus’ and other germs are introduced by sick patients or staff that should have stayed home.
      • Additionally, poor cleaning practices can lead to cross contamination– for example, using the same towel to clean a restroom and an exam area counter.
      • While the chance of spreading a life-threatening illness throughout the building is minute; the chance of spreading a cold or flu virus is significant.

      To combat cross contamination throughout the office:

      • Place high-performance walkway matting at strategic locations throughout the building, including entrances, exists, and other high-traffic areas to trap as much dirt and bacteria as possible.
      • Clean all floors, rugs, and mats daily with a HEPA filtered vacuum.
      • Use color-coded, triclosan-coated microfiber towels and mops–using a different color for each room and surface.
      • Hire a professional to scrub hard floors and deep clean carpets, at least once per month.
      • Make sure to stock plenty of soap and towels in the restrooms.
      • Place liquid hand sanitizer throughout the building to reduce hand to surface germ transfer.


      Costs and return on investment are an important aspect of your dental practice’s vendor selection and outsourcing decisions.

      Green cleaning products and practices maximize resources, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and provide an equivalent to superior level of clean in less time than conventional methods that have been shown to lead to cross contamination.

      Keep in mind that appearance and appeal are vital, especially for highly stressed patients. Money invested in office health and well-being is money saved from lost business or employee absenteeism.

      If you would like to learn more about the strategic advantages of outsourced janitorial services for your dental practice, contact us today for a free quote.

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