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      Dental Clinic Cleaning Checklist From Best Cleaning DMVA

      Any successful dental office needs to look professional and presentable. The premises must be clean, organized, and totally spotless. Your patients should feel confident walking into the clinic without worrying about the hygiene conditions. The patients expect a safe and tidy environment, so you should not compromise on the cleanliness in any part of the dental office.

      There are several dental clinic cleaning tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. How can you make sure you are not forgetting anything? How often do you need to clean up the different sections of your clinic?

      If you are looking for some guidance, this dental clinic cleaning checklist will provide you with six guidelines to follow

      Our Dental Clinic Cleaning Checklist

      Cleaning the clinic exterior

      You want to create a great first impression by cleaning the exterior of the dental clinic, which includes the parking lot, the landscape, and the building itself. This is the first area your patients and potential patients see upon visiting.

      As such, its appearance has a large influence in building trust among your visitors. An untidy environment would reflect poorly on the business reputation, leaving the patients dubious about the quality of the dental services.

      There are several areas that require special attention. First, the sign of your Burke clinic should be clean and professional looking. In addition, make sure there are no debris or garbage on the premises. Finally, any fingerprint should be wiped away as soon as it is noticed.

      Cleaning the reception area

      Your reception area must appear clean, comfortable, and welcoming. Anyone who visits your dental clinic will notice how clean and organized your reception area is. If it doesn’t look enticing, this could deter prospective new patients, who might choose to go to another clinic instead.

      Be sure to clean the reception area every night, so it will be ready to welcome patients in the next morning. The floors should be wiped clean, while the windows and doors require polishing.

      Furniture, blinds, and plants should be dusted, and the magazines need to be arranged in an orderly manner. If there are toys for children as they wait for their appointment, put these toys back in place each night.

      Cleaning the treatment rooms

      The treatment rooms inside the dental clinic must be cleaned and organized on a regular basis. Since some patients feel anxious about the dental appointments, you want to create a clean and comfortable environment that will boost their confidence in your services.

      Ideally, the treatment rooms should have a pleasant smell, which will put the patients at ease when they enter and sit on the treatment chair.

      Each part of the treatment room will require thorough cleaning. You know how important it is to maintain the hygiene of your dental tools and equipment. In addition, the floors, the windows, the blinds, and the doors should be kept clean as well. If there are any decorations in the treatment rooms, inspect them regularly to ensure they don’t collect dust.

      Every month, you should also check the inventory of your closets. Any product that is outdated should be thrown away, so you can have more room for new products and solutions. Any broken tool or unused piece of equipment should either be replaced or thrown away.

      You don’t want the equipment to sit idly in the corridor or in a forgotten corner of the treatment room.

      Cleaning the restrooms

      Not every patient will need to use the restrooms of your dental clinic, but the ones who do will expect this area to be tidy. The toilets, the urinals and the sinks should always be clean and sanitized regularly. If you detect any leaks under a toilet or a sink, this should be repaired as quickly as possible.

      The mirrors and the windows should be kept clean as well, while the doorknobs will require disinfecting. Finally, your restrooms should be stocked with quality soap and paper products, so your patients will never run out of supplies.

      Cleaning the employee break room

      At the dental clinic, your employees may have a designated break room for eating and relaxing. While your patients will never see this area, there is no reason to neglect the break room in your dental clinic cleaning checklist.

      First, organize the refrigerator and declutter the cabinets. Then, clean the tables, counters and the microwave to get rid of any food debris. As a rule of thumb, your employees should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves before leaving the break room.

      They should wash their own dishes, instead of leaving them in the sink hoping that someone else will take care of the responsibility.

      Cleaning the carpets and floors

      The carpets and floors throughout the clinic will require regular maintenance. Carpets should be vacuumed each week, and they need a more intensive cleaning at least once a year. You can hire a professional cleaning crew in Burke for this task.

      All tile, ceramic or hardwood floors should be swept, mopped, and disinfected, especially in the restrooms. If something is spilled on the floor or on a carpet, it should be wiped away as soon as possible.

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