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      Spring has sprung here on Burke. As the days get longer and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to think about Burke spring cleaning again.

      If it’s been months since you’ve picked up a mop, you may not even know where to start.

      To prevent you from getting overwhelmed, Best Cleaning DMVA has put together a handy Burke spring cleaning checklist you can use for reference.

      Your 2022 Burke Spring Cleaning Checklist

      Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for American homeowners. It’s a time to give a good scrubbing to all the parts of your house that have been neglected in the winter months.

      Since there can be a lot of square footage to cover, it’s smart to develop a strategy even before you break out the brooms.

      Get Prepared to Clean

      For starters, you will need to have a full stock of all your favorite cleaning products. You may need to make a trip to the store if your supplies are low. You should also set aside an old pair of clothes that you won’t mind if they get dirty.

      Since Burke spring cleaning can be time consuming, you might also want to make a playlist to listen to while working.

      Although there are many small tasks you can do yourself, you might need a Burke professional cleaning company if you really want to make your home sparkle.

      The Kitchen

      The kitchen tends to a room where dust, dirt and grime accumulates over the winter. To look its best, you will need to scrub, sweep and mop it thoroughly.

      What to Clean

      • Countertops
      • Faucet
      • Microwave
      • Stove
      • Light fixtures
      • Blinds
      • Ceiling fans
      • Window sills

      The Living Room

      Your Burke spring cleaning should also focus on making your living room look beautiful. For this job, you will need a broom, a vacuum cleaner, a duster and more.

      What to Clean

      • Carpets
      • Hard surface floors
      • Baseboards
      • Upholstery
      • Molding
      • Window screens

      While you clean, remember to pay attention to the corners. They tend to trap dust, dirt and sometimes even cobwebs.

      The Bathrooms

      Bathrooms need a deep, detailed cleaning, because moisture is trapped there on a daily basis, potentially causing mold to grow.

      What to Clean

      • Mirror
      • Vanity
      • Toilet bowl
      • Shower doors
      • Shower walls
      • Bathtub
      • Floor
      • Vent covers
      • Sink
      • Shower drain
      • Window sills

      The Bedrooms

      Just because guests don’t usually go into your bedrooms, doesn’t mean you should leave these rooms off your Burke spring cleaning checklist. By tidying up your sleeping quarters, you will create a healthier living environment.

      What to Clean

      • Armoires
      • Carpets
      • Baseboards
      • Hard surface floors
      • Walls
      • Light fixtures

      As you can see, Burke spring cleaning is no light task. If it seems like it might be too much for you this year, call Best Cleaning DMVA.

      We provide residential cleaning services to Burke homes, including detailed cleaning, scheduled services, move-out cleaning, move-in cleaning and post construction clean-ups.

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