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      Do you know wich Burke cleaning services is right for your cleaning needs? Continue reading to know more

      Do you need some additional help around the house? There are so many chores to complete each week that by the time you get through them all, it’s a new week and it’s time to start all over again!

      This never-ending cycle can be tedious and stressful, especially if your schedule is already full. Are you ready to hire someone to help with some of these tasks?

      The Burke Cleaning Services Right For You

      One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when you hire Burke cleaning services is whether to hire professional Burke cleaning services or independent house cleaners.

      There are subtle differences between the two types of cleaners that add up to different experiences overall. But which one is right for you?

      burke cleaning services

      On one hand, it might seem like a good bargain to hire an independent house cleaner. Oftentimes, their fees may be slightly lower.

      But when you bring an independent contractor into your home, you also bring all kinds of risks that could cost you a great deal more. It may not be the bargain you thought.

      So, is it a better idea to hire Burke cleaning services with dozens of employees, a single individual, or a service that’s somewhere in between?

      At Best Cleaning DMVA, we like to think we are somewhere in between. We are a small-enough company that our team gets to know each of the families and their homes very well.

      And we also have a large-enough staff of trained professionals who can handle any task you throw their way.

      So should you hire an independent cleaner or Burke cleaning services? Let’s explore your options.

      High Standars & Attention To Detail

      Working with  professional Burke cleaning services like Best Cleaning DMVA means there are company standards that must be met with each cleaning. We have high expectations for our team members, and we want you to have the best of experiences each time we clean your home.

      When you hire an independent contractor, the same person comes to your home at each visit, and they can focus on specific areas of your house, all based on your requests.

      However, are they cleaning your home the way they would clean their own home, or are they performing a deeper, professional-level clean?

      Are they sanitizing your home as well as cleaning it?

      You don’t know how well an independent cleaner has been trained if you aren’t working with a team of professionals who pass extensive background checks, undergo lots of training and have to hold themselves to a set of company standards like those we have in place at Best Cleaning DMVA.

      Also, with Best Cleaning DMVA in Burke, we make every effort to send the same team of cleaning technicians to your home each week so you still get the same personalized care you would get working with one independent cleaner.

      It’s the best of both worlds—your cleaning team is following exceptionally high company standards, but they learn your preferences and your family’s needs.

      burke cleaning services

      Better Availability

      If you hire an independent contractor, you have to work around their schedule, which could end up being majorly inconvenient for you.

      And let’s say that your most productive hours are when you are home alone—it may not be the best time to have someone vacuuming or dusting nearby.

      Hiring professional Burke cleaning services means that you get to work with a team of several people on their staff. They can work around your schedule.

      But if you hire an independent contractor and they get sick or aren’t able to make it? You are left without someone to clean your home, even if you are hosting friends that evening.

      When you hire a team of professionals to care for your home, that means that your home will get cleaned at the date and time that works for you even if someone calls in sick.

      Do you have young children, or do you work from home? If either of these things is true, you know that being away from home for too long or being away from home at the wrong time can throw off your entire day.

      A single independent cleaner may take all day to clean your home the way you’d like, which means you either have to be out of your home or working around your housekeeper for the entire day.

      But a team of trained professionals who learn techniques to clean both thoroughly and efficiently (and at a time that works for you)? This means you can get back to your life much faster.

      Protection When Disaster Strikes

      If you hire an independent house cleaner, they may not be bonded or insured, or they may not have sufficient insurance to cover an accident in your home.

      But when you work with professional Burke cleaning services like Best Cleaning DMVA, chances are you are working with a company that is licensed, insured and bonded.

      If you decide to hire an independent contractor and they are injured while working on your property, it’s you that is the liable party.

      And because they aren’t working through a company that handles insurance or worker’s compensation, you also may end up being responsible for paying for medical bills and lost wages.

      burke cleaning services

      Also, have you considered whether or not you are covered if your independent cleaners damage something? Maybe a family heirloom that gets knocked off the shelf and broken, or a granite countertop that ends up stained with the wrong cleaner?

      If you don’t work with an insured company, you may have to pay for repairs yourself.

      All of our team members are not only bonded and insured but also trained in the proper cleaning supplies to use and the best ways to mitigate disasters like accidents, injuries or broken heirlooms. That’s the beauty of working with professional Burke cleaning services; you’re protected when issues arise.

      Here at Best DMVA, we offer all kinds of services to make your life easier, from your home to your office and everything in between.

      If you’re looking for a house cleaning company to handle everything from your springtime deep cleaning to your weekly cleanings in the Burke, look no further than Best Cleaning DMVA.

      The families that we work with are elated with the work that we do to help make their homes cleaner and their lives less busy. There truly is a difference when you work with the pros.

      Ready to see it for yourself? Request a free quote today!