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      Our Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips

      Don’t you hate it when you scrub and scrub yet you still can’t clean that scum off your shower recess?

      Or when you have cleaned your toilet bowl about ten times and it still has that funky odour?

      All you need are a few essentials in your arsenal and our 9 bathroom cleaning tips. You’ll have your bathroom sparkling in no time!

      9 Of The Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips

      01.- Cleaning Mildew

      Bathrooms are prone to mildew growth. To minimize the spread of mildew keep your windows open whenever possible to encourage good air circulation.

      Keep your bathroom fan on when running hot water. Dehumidifiers are also great if you don’t have windows or a bathroom fan.

      02.- Cleaning Mould

      To prevent and remove mould from your bathroom sinks and shower curtains try using clove oil.

      Add about ¼ teaspoon with 1 litre of water in a spray bottle and apply to affected areas. Leave for one hour, then wipe over with a cloth.

      Clove oil is an amazing essential oil that has healing properties and works as an anti-fungal agent, making it perfect for cleaning the bathroom.

      It also smells amazing.

      03.- Cleaning Shower Scum

      Shower scum is made up of mineral deposits (usually calcium and carbonate) and soap scum.

      To clean this off your shower without chemicals use a White Magic Eraser or white vinegar.

      Simply put white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray onto the shower door, scrub the mixture on the shower screen with and old pair of stockings or a soft bristled brush.

      04.- Cleaning Hair

      Do you have a teenage daughter that always leaves half their hair down your bathroom sink?

      Bicarb soda and a sink plunger will do the trick here. Simply pour a little bi-carb soda down your sink, let it sit and use a plunger to remove the hair.

      05.- Cleaning Shower Doors

      To get your shower doors clean use a good all-purpose bathroom cleaner and an old pair of stockings, and a sponge – this does take time but you’ll be so pleased once it’s done.

      Apply the bathroom cleaner. Use the stockings to scrub the entire length of the shower door then let it sit for about 5 – 10 minutes.

      Rinse clean using hot water and a sponge.

      06.- Cleaning Bath Tubs

      To prevent those annoying bathtub rings that can result from oily bath products, sprinkle bi-carb soda over the bathtub.

      Spray with white vinegar and wait for the two to foam. Use an old pair of stockings and warm water to prevent or remove bathtub rings.

      07.- Cleaning Water Stains

      When you regularly use your bathroom, you’ll often end up with hard water stains on your bathroom faucets.

      These hard water stains can be easily cleaned with lemon.

      Simply rub a fresh lemon over the water stains and not only will shine, it will smell great too!

      08.- Cleaning Toilets

      Keep your toilet clean and fresh by scrubbing the inside bowl with toilet cleaner, white vinegar or bi-carb soda.

      You may want to leave this to soak for a few minutes beforehand.

      Give it a good scrub with the toilet brush, then flush, rinsing off your toilet brush when flushing.

      Give both sides of the lid and outside the toilet a wipe over with anti-bacterial cleaner paying attention to the flush button and bottom of the toilet which often get missed.

      A bit like your nearly toilet trained son.

      09.- Cleaning Floors

      Bathroom floors are usually damp or wet so before you start cleaning with the mop or steam mop, vacuum the floors first as opposed to sweeping.

      This will reduce the amount of hair, dust and bacteria that would normally stick to your mop head and give you a better clean result.

      On the off chance you didn’t get around to cleaning your bathroom today, you can give us Best Cleaning DMVA a call on 703-350-9045 and we can get the experts in to do it for you!