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      How To Keep Your Burke School Facilities Clean: 7 Tips

      Did you know that schools are among the most populated spaces in the world? With many people living in a limited space, garbage and trash are unavoidable. Highly populated areas like schools generate tons of garbage each day.

      This comes from stationaries, canteen, kitchen and many other used supplies.

      To maintain a clean and tidy institution, there needs to be procedures, guidelines and rules that govern every institution. This means the task of keeping the school tidy and clean is not an individual effort, but a collective effort by both staff members and students.

      To keep your school facilitates clean, below are the top 7 tips:

      1. Provide door mats in each class

      Feet, both students’ and teachers’ can collect a lot of dirt, leaves and pollens as they get into the school. To make sure all the dirt under the shoes is not transferred into the classrooms or working stations, get doormats for each room.

      However, it is more important to remember to clean the doormats as often as possible, so as to reduce the chances of harbouring germs or dirt at the doorsteps.

      2. Keep trash cans in each working station and class

      Having trash cans accessible to people in school will reduce their chances of dropping trash on the floor. Keep a trash can in each class, working station, along corridors and along verandas. Putting trash in the right place is a habit that once cultivated, it will become a culture of the school.

      However, like doormats, make sure the trash cans are emptied and never let to overflow.

      3. Start recycling practices in the school

      Recycling helps to reduce the amount of trash going to a landfill, and as a result, keep the school facilities clean. Identify some of the things that can be recycled in the school such as paper, plastic and glass, and start a recycling program or club that encourages students to cultivate the habit.

      You can also cut on one-time use resources such as plastic cups and plates in the dining area and get reusable utensils.

      4. Encourage students and teachers to keep things away immediately after use

      Most times, school facilities look untidy, not because there is a lot of trash, but because items in those rooms are not well organized. During class time and after, encourage students and teachers to put back everything in their rightful places. For instance, while in the library make sure all books are neatly placed back on the shelf.

      5. Organize cleaning day events

      Everyone in the school should be involved to keep school facilities clean and tidy. To achieve this, school managements can organise cleaning day events that allow everyone, including teachers, parents and students to be involved. During this day, the cleaning is deeper, with more focus on areas that are not cleaned on a day to day basis.

      These events can be planned to happen over the weekend, after school or during lunch hour time. To ensure everyone’s safety during such cleaning day events, the school should invest in cleaning supplies such as gloves, brushes, etc.

      6. Clean the school facilities frequently

      Apart from organizing occasional school cleaning days, it is important to clean the school often. As an example, have the classrooms, bathrooms and work stations cleaned at least once a day. Regular cleaning will help to reduce the chances of spreading diseases through germs and bacteria.

      Assign specific people to clean different spaces so that every space is covered.

      7. Hire a professional cleaning company

      To remove the worry of cleaning the school daily, hire a professional company to do the cleaning for your school. This will save you the time to worry about whether the school is clean or not and allow you to focus on more pertinent and important issues.

      Cleaning companies will ensure all the school facilities are clean on a daily basis and organize deep cleaning to clean hard to reach areas as well.

      A clean environment facilitates proper learning. Keeping the school clean will not only benefit those using the school but also help to make the world a better place by keeping preserving the environment.

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