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      5 Commercial Cleaning Tips

      Even in normal times, wherever you work, regular cleaning is essential for productivity and for the health and safety of yourself, your employees, and your customers / clients. Now, with COVID-19 being well and truly a part of all our lives, this has never been more important.

      The government state that regular cleaning plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of COVID-19, so it’s imperative that we all ensure that we are keeping our commercial environments clean, to protect employees and slow the spread of COVID-19.

      Whether you’re a bus driver, construction worker, carer, dentist, or office worker, you need to be keeping your workplace thoroughly clean for the protection of your staff and customers. Even if you aren’t a key or essential worker who is able to continue being in the workplace throughout lockdown, you still need to be implementing these techniques once you return to the workplace.

      This will ensure productivity remains high with the chance of staff illness being minimised and germs being thoroughly taken care of.

      If you’re unsure of the best commercial cleaning practices to utilise in your workplace, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our 5 commercial cleaning tips.

      1. Establish a clear commercial cleaning schedule

      By establishing a clear schedule for your commercial cleaning, you can set goals and stick to them, ensuring that daily cleaning is getting done. To do this you can either assign roles to specific people, giving them specific areas to focus on and clean, or you could hire a commercial cleaning company in Burke and get them to tick or sign their name at the end of the day, so you know that they came in and performed the cleaning.

      You would ask the commercial cleaning company to come at a set time every day after everyone leaves the workplace, or, in the case of a care home, the cleaners might clean the communal areas in the evening once residents have gone to bed and clean the bedrooms during the day.

      This would ensure no risk of COVID-19 spreading and also that every area gets cleaned as effectively as possible before the next working day.

      How often should I be cleaning?

      • Daily, at the end of each working day
      • Throughout each working day, especially if hotdesking is used in an office or you have equipment that is used by multiple people

      2. Get the correct cleaning tools and equipment for the job

      Ensure you have commercial cleaning supplies readily available. This isn’t just for the big cleans at the end of the day, but also for cleaning throughout the day. Make sure to have anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser dispensers placed around the workplace so your employees are able to keep their own spaces and selves clean throughout the working day.

      For the regular daily cleans at the end of each working day, you will need more specific tools to ensure the best quality of clean, which are listed below.

      What cleaning supplies do I need?

      • Dusters & cloths
      • Anti-bacterial spray / disinfectant
      • Hoover
      • Window cleaner
      • Electrostatic Cleaning spray (you will likely need to hire professional commercial cleaning services for this technology)

      3. Give employees the tools to keep their own areas clean

      Ensure anti-bacterial wipes are placed in areas that get a lot of use by lots of different people, this would include places like the kitchen, shared machinery, communal areas, and bathrooms, among other areas. You should also install anti-bacterial hand sanitiser dispensers in the workplace to ensure everyone has the ability to keep their hands clean wherever they are.

      4. Understand how to use the commercial cleaning supplies at your disposal

      To get the most effective and thorough clean, you should follow these steps in full:

      1. First, dust over the area, ensuring there is no loose dirt and dust.
      2. Then spray with antibacterial cleaner or disinfectant, leaving to settle for a moment before wiping over it.
      3. Spray the parts of the surface that are likely to have been touched more and therefore likely have more germs on, again. This would include door handles, buttons, stair rails, light switches, and kitchen appliances such as the toaster, microwave, kettle, fridge, and sink tap.
      4. Lightly rub this spray into the surface, making sure not to wipe it off, and leave it to dwell.
      5. Finally, go around the room with electrostatic cleaning spray, ensuring every small space is clean and germ-free. You would likely need to hire a professional commercial cleaning service for this step.

      5. Find the time to commit to daily cleaning (or hire a commercial cleaning company)

      We know that at the end of a long working day you want nothing more than to go home and relax. The last thing on your agenda is cleaning. So, if you don’t have the time, you should consider hiring a commercial cleaning company in Burke.

      We will ensure your working environment is the cleanest it can possibly be, protecting you, your staff and customers from the threat of COVID-19. This gives you the time to focus on work and relaxation, whilst productivity and wellbeing is never compromised.

      By following these 5 commercial cleaning tips, you will hugely minimise the risk of COVID-19 in your workplace, increasing productivity and protecting your staff and customers.